Dr. Terri Siclare is a clinical psychologist licensed in the State of New Jersey with an office convientenly located off the green in Morristown. For over thirty years, psychotherapeutic sessions have been provided in a compassionate, supportive, safe, and confidental environment. Since recieving her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Seton Hall University, Dr. Siclare has served those who seek her care with an exceptional level of care and expertise. Theoretically, the therepeutic process  is viewed as enhancing self-esteem, self-confidence, self-awareness, and ultimately self acceptance. Furthermore, treatment is focused on the improvement of interpersonal relationships and a person's ability to experience and live a life with a deepened sense of self and inner contentment. 


Throughout her extensive years of experience, Dr. Siclare's approach to her work has been designed specifically for the types of issues or life experience presented to her. Therefore, all sessions are individualized to each person's needs and personality. Dr. Siclare's professional orientation is primarily psychoanalytic/psychodynamic which encourages the awareness and understanding of the origins of psychological and emotional difficulties. However, cognitive and behavioral techniques are also considered essential tools which furher enhance treatment and help promote the resolution of life issues. 


With respect to personal style, Dr. Siclare is typically experienced as warm, caring, compassionate, and accepting; yet, direct and challenging.  Dr. Siclare has developed a level of expertise that has evolved through years of dedication to her craft and a relentless effort to improve the well being of everyone who has entrusted themselves to her care.